Memorial DVDs

I also offer a wonderful option for a funeral service as I produce beautiful Memorial / Reflection slideshow DVDs which are compatible with the Norwood Park Chapel (ACT) equipment, all DVD players and PCs.

I create lovely memorial slideshows which you cope with your loss, at a low cost.

Grieving people need someone who is a caring, compassionate, experienced person to assist them at this time, and I can offer the following:  

Package 1:

30 to 35 photos, scanned and copied into a specialised software program to create a beautiful slideshow presentation, set to one chosen music track.

I will provide three copies, all for the price of $150.00

Package 2:

35 to 60 photos, set to two music tracks.

I will provide three copies, all for the price of $200.00

**Package 1 and 2 are for use during the funeral service during the reflection as they fit into the timeslot usually allocated at chapels and churches for a funeral (45 – 60 mins).

Package 3:

Up to 100 photos, set to up to 5 music tracks, best used at the wake or memorial service after the funeral.

I will provide three copies, all for the price of $250.00

Additional copies of all packages will be provided at $10 each.


The photos can be bought to me, or I can make a time to collect.

If photos are available in the .jpeg format, they can also be emailed.

I will ensure the DVD is prepared well within time for the service.

Outside the ACT, email and Express Post are an option (postage will be charged at cost).

   You can contact me by either:


Mobile: 0400-102-992