Funeral Services

Funeral Services – I am here for you at this time.

Being entrusted with writing the celebration of a person’s life, to become acquainted with the life of the deceased person through conversations with their loved ones and conducting their service is a real honour.

I am a warm, understanding and empathetic person who hopes to provide you comfort in how I relate the story of your loved one.

I will sit with you, offer you readings, verses, poems and words of comfort to include within the service.

I will describe the joy they had in their life and the joy they shared with others, their hard times, their sad times, their good times, but always with the thought in mind that the life they led should be honoured and celebrated.


Whatever your, or their religious or spiritual beliefs, whether there was belief of an afterlife, I will honour the life lived according to their wishes and yours.

As I am a Civil Celebrant, I conduct ceremonies according to the wishes of the deceased and the people they have left behind, but always with love and respect.

If you would like to include prayers and Bible readings, I can weave these into a lovely ceremony with these religious aspects.

My personal beliefs are that the end of our life here is not the end of “us” and my personal experiences with death and the dying have confirmed this to me.

No matter how you choose to celebrate the life of the deceased, their spirit will always be with you, in your hearts and memories.


Please contact me by either:


or mobile: 0400-102-992

If I cannot take your call at that time, please leave me a message and I will return your call as soon as I can.


I also worked as a Funeral Director with Toscan Dinn Funerals at Weston for some time and arranged and conducted many lovely funeral services as well as acting as Celebrant for many.

For a funeral, I will honour and celebrate the life which has come to an end.

Celebrating the joy in life that is, will be, and was.

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